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500 Words
From Kangtega to Indian Creek, Alpinist’s demise to Barry Blanchard’s big move: The news in less than 500 words.

Who were the real heroes on K2 last summer? Freddie Wilkinson names the two who inspired him.

Three friends explore a remote area of the High Sierra and find that, in fact, it hasn’t all been done.

Kyle Dempster explores the heights of the Hispar and the extremes of his endurance.

kc-10smThe Alpine Life
Pushing the boundaries of a two-week vacation.

AAJ Gems
How far does one climber’s responsibility extend to others? Dr. Charles Houston pondered the question in the 1985 AAJ.


“This is bullshit,” blurts Jim, perhaps touched by a little anemomania—wind madness. “This sport sucks. In my next life I’m playing baseball. Those sons-of-bitches get paid millions of dollars for playing a kid’s game. I bet my ass every time I get on one of these granite tombstones and I don’t get paid a goddamned dime. Fuck this.”—Jim Donini, from Greg Crouch’s Enduring Patagonia, p. 127