500 Wordstahoe-2
A climber stands naked atop Cerro Torre, Tahoe puts the fest back in festival, locals pick a Cascadian plum, and much more.

Is it possible to find and climb a 1,400-meter new route in your backyard? Nils Nielsen did it in Norway.

The Alpine Life
Jeff Apple Benowitz bemoans the “Gardening of the Impossible” in Alaska.

The east face of a 5,961m peak of the Damyon Massif. Far
Japan’s Tamotsu Nakamura discovers blue sky and yet more awesome unclimbed peaks in southwestern China. A photo revelation.

Surging glaciers, dangerous seracs, icefalls gone bad—what’s happening in the Hispar? Bruce Normand reports.

AAJ Gems
The dawn of super-alpinism: Yvon Chouinard’s prescient “Modern Yosemite Climbing” article from 1963.


Backclips: Issue 1
Inspirations: The Real K2 Heroes; Near: A Sierra First Ascent; Far: A Magnificent Effort in Pakistan


“Bob, the years I’ve spent climbing in Tuolumne were pure nourishment to me…. The Meadows always made the regular, flat world bearable, and the flat world made the meadows a sanctuary. It was the pull between the two which nourished. School and work without the mountains would have been deadly. The mountains without the nervous struggling down below would have been limbo, not heaven.” —Tom Higgins, from “In Thanks,” a letter to Bob Kamps published in Ascent: 1975-1976.