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500 Words
Menitove masters his own destiny, Kennedy revives Alpinist, Britain pleads for circus clowns,
 and Gadd does nothing useful.

Raphael Slawinski and friends squeeze a huge route on Mt. Chephren into a Canadian Rockies winter weekend.

Despite pre-departure fears of snakes, crocodiles, and privacy-invading ticks, Luis Cisneros, Eric Deschamps, and Meghan Ryan make it up a new route on Venezuela’s Acopan Tepui.

wallhauler1The Alpine Life
Brittany Griffith proves that you can take the BAG out of the dirt, but you can’t take the dirt out of the BAG.

The Norwegians throw an ice party, and Dave Turner picks up the beat.

371 seconds of video from life and climbing in Patagonia, by Nico Favresse, Renan Ozturk, Bjorn-Eivind Artun, Freddie Wilkinson, Camilo Lopez, and Stephen Koch.

Picture This
Carlos Buhler and Hans Bräuner-Osborne fly 10,000 kilometers and hike 1,400 vertical meters to make the first ascent of a 60-meter needle in Patagonia. But it’s a beauty.


“Whenever I am on a cold bivy situation I just remember how much it sucked to be doing that same thing with a machine gun pointed at me. It makes it feel pretty mellow.”—Tommy Caldwell, reflecting on a recent forced bivy in Patagonia.

Backclips: Issue 2
Gems: Chouinard on Yosemite’s Future; Near: Norwegian Ice First Ascent; Far: Nakamura Reveals More of Tibet and China.

Backclips: Issue 1
Inspirations: The Real K2 Heroes; Near: A Sierra First Ascent; Far: A Magnificent Effort in Pakistan